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Western Transportation provides a full slate of moving, logistics, storage, last-mile, warehousing and distribution & FF&E services. We are dedicated to providing the best service, anywhere in the world.


If it’s time to move, we’ll take you there. 

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In 1922, A German immigrant by the name of Arthur Randolph Gesserd arrived at the Port of Baltimore.  Despite an allergy to flour, Gesserd supported his family by working in a bakery and moonlighting to help a neighbor transport items for a small auction house.  He became so renowned for his attention to detail business boomed.  In 1928, Gesserd bought his first moving truck and named the company “Western Express” for its location in Baltimore. 


Today, Western Express Forwarding is a part of the Western Transportation Group. For over 10 years, Western has consolidated and grown from a small business to well over 100 full-time staff, 300,000 sq ft + of warehouse space near Washington, DC, and recruited top notch employees with multiple years of experience in logistics services.


Our name, our pledge, and our commitment to delivering customers the best solutions for moving and storage anywhere in the world remain unchanged.              


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